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Before you vote for a candidate, first engage with the issues and the policy proposals … online and socially.

In the lead up to the BC Provincial Election on May 14, PartyX worked with British Columbians to develop a realistic and representative policy mandate for the next B.C. provincial government informed by the intelligence of participants.

Citizens voted on the proposals of thought leaders – or developed their own – towards a dynamic policy platform that generated support from British Columbians across the political spectrum.


Our vision sees the emergence of a new form of democracy from developments in online collective decision making. We see a system that is fair, intelligent, transparent and efficient and involves every stakeholder in a decision-making process.

About Us

PartyX is a non-partisan movement working towards a new, deeper and stronger form of democracy through the development of online tools that connect people and ideas. We are working to revitalize politics by making policies, issues and ideas as accessible as the online social networks we already know and love.

Join the Team

Feeling inspired? Join the PartyX team!
You can join us in a variety of activities, from debating new ideas in democracy, to beta-testing software, to helping support our progress. Currently, there are three teams formed around the BC Mandate Campaign.