PartyX is a non-partisan movement working towards a new, deeper and stronger form of democracy through the development of online tools that connect people and ideas. We are working to revitalize politics by making policies, issues and ideas as accessible as the online social networks we already know and love.

PartyX’s broad network includes innovators, social entrepreneurs, and software developers, among many others. Our doors are always open for collaborators from all sides of the political spectrum.

A registered non-profit society with charitable status, PartyX was founded in 2011 by John Richardson, who had left Pivot Legal Society, which he also founded, with a strategic goal for social change and visions for a democratizing decision engine called Ethelo. A team formed around the goals of nurturing consensus around the basic elements needed to collaborate effectively, such as a privacy and security protocols, as well providing an online library of collective decision-making applications.

What brings us together is our shared belief that democratic change is possible, and emerging technologies are paving the way for humanity to realize a bold and progressive transformation where decision-making power is distributed much more equitably.

Evolition Decisions Inc. has licensed PartyX its Ethelo online decision-making engine to help us reach our social purpose.

PartyX is governed by a Board of Directors.